Urkiola Natural Park

Surrounded by wonderful landscapes, with rugged limestone peaks, meadows and woods, Urkiola is a favourite among all nature lovers throughout the year.

Over the centuries, the Sanctuary of Urkiola, dedicated to the saints San Antonio Abad and San Antonio de Padua, and located at the very centre of the Park, has been the destination of pilgrims from near and far.

The peaks of the Urkiola mountain range have long been a favourite among mountaineers and hillwalkers. The precipitous rock faces of Atxatxiki, Urrestei and Alluitz are perfect for rockclimbing and have been the training ground for many of the great Basque mountaineers. Anboto, the highest peak in this range, is very popular among climbers but only the most daring visit the cave on its northern face. According to Basque mythology, this cave, which climbers call Mari, is the home of the “Lady of Anboto”. There are other important caves such as Bolinkoba, Gentilkoba, Baltzola and the bridge of the Gentiles, etc.

There are a large number of recommended routes through the Park: These are marked as GRs and PRs, the didactic or specific routes of the Park, and these are described in brochures that can be acquired at the Toki Alai, the Parketxe or Information Centre.

There are a number of areas equipped for picnics and leisure pursuits. As it is forbidden to camp here, there are also two shelters in the Sanctuary for those who want to spend the night in the Park. The villages in the surrounding area contain a large number of restaurants and offer traditional Basque cooking and accommodation at reasonable prices and there are a large number of rural guesthouses and farms.