Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park

This Park contains the highest massif in the Basque Country and is called after the peak of the same name.

This natural vantage point with peaks of over 1000 m is formed by the Aitzgorri, Elgea, Urkilla mountain ranges and the Altzaina mountains. Some of its most important natural features include its geology (the carbonated nature of its materials that have given rise to a wide range of different morphologies), the variety of its vegetation, etc.

To the east, the crests of the mountains fall vertically towards Zegama, bathed by the river Oria, and merge towards the west with the open fields of the Campas de Urbía, “the paradise of the Basque Country”, where a large number of dolmens scattered all over the valley bear witness to the presence of prehistoric man in this area. Nowadays, the Campas de Urbía are dotted with modest shepherds’ huts.

Aitzgorri is the most visited summit in this mountain range and can be climbed from the Sanctuary of Arantzazu or from the village of Zalduendo in Alava. Nearby you will find the caves or “tunnel” and medieval roadway of San Adrián, used by pilgrims making their way along the Camino de Santiago (Way of Saint James).