The Bay of Txingudi

The Bay of Txingudi is the best example of Marismeño environment existing in Gipuzkoa.

This unique and valuable wetland is a natural area of recognized ecological value, and its privileged situation in the migratory passage of numerous birds makes it an important refuge area.

In addition, outstanding protection figures such as the RAMSAR Convention (Wetland of International Importance) and the European Network Natura 2000 (Special Protection Area for Birds and Place of Community Importance) cover a large part of the spaces included in the Special Plan, thus recognizing the value of this wetland at an international level.

Plaiaundi ecological park is a Special Protection area and has a 23.4 ha extension. Important refuge for migratory birds, having spotted252 different species from its restoration until 2007. In addition to birds, we can also find numerous species of amphibians and fish, like the corridor toad (Bufo calamita) or the prickly (Gasterosteusaculeatus). Plaiaundi counts with design and equipment (2 km of trails, observation huts and towers and self-guided itinerary) that allow for public use to be compatible with the conservation of its natural wealth. In addition, at the entrance of the park you can findTxingudiEkoetxea Interpretation Center, which centralizes the research and environmental education work in the marshes of Txingudi.

There are 70.4 hectares protected in the Jaitzubian valley, of which 38.1 are Special Protection and the rest Agricultural Protection areas. The information point located in Aingiraportu, the viewpoint located on an old bunker and the more than 3 km of trails allow us to enjoy this landascapeof great ecologicalimportance, in which the most extensive carrizales of Gipuzkoa are conserved. Jaitzubia also represents the only sample in Txingudi of the natural transition from the river to the sea, constituting a “green corridor” that communicates the marshes of the Bidasoa with Mount Jaizkibel.

Txingudi Ekoetxea Interpretation Center

Located at the entrance to the Ecological Park of Plaiaundi, in this center you will find all kinds of information of both Plaiaundi and the bay and the natural spaces included in the Special Plan of Txingudi. The center also has an observatory overlooking the Laguna Dulce. For ornithologists, there is up-to-date information on the latest census, and timely information on special events. At the reading point, in addition to free brochures and bulletins about the park, we can consult books on other natural spaces and topics of naturalistic interest. For a visit focused on bird watching, there are guides and binoculars on loan.

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