Pagoeta Natural Park

The centre of the Pagoeta Park is formed by two estates, Pagoeta and Altzola, which belong to the Provincial Council of Guipúzcoa.

Other features include the headwaters of the streams Manterola and Almizuri and the foothills of Mount Pagoeta.

This area, situated between the coast and the inland valleys, is characterised for its very rugged terrain, with dramatic fluctuations in height. The Park has two main types of vegetation: natural forests and scrubland. There are also extensive pastures high up in the mountains and around the farmhouses. The areas of reforestation are also important, especially those on the left bank of the Altzolaras erreka.

Due to the existence of a wide variety of different habitats on the Park, there are many different kinds of fauna. There are several species included in the Catalogue of Threatened Species of the Basque Country, such as the Egyptian vulture, the grey dormouse, the honey buzzard and the short-toed eagle.

For several years, the estate belonging to the Provincial Council has been operated like a Forestry Park in which a large number of nature conservation and environmental courses are given. There is a wide range of facilities, the most important of which is the Iturraran reception centre, the hostel and nature school, an apiary used for teaching purposes, an arboretum with more than 1300 species, several recreational areas and the old Agorregi ironworks.