Camino de Santiago – Way of Saint James.

Although it is said that there are as many Roads of Santiago as pilgrims, this cultural route and pilgrimage can be traversed by the Basque Coast and the Interior of Euskadi.

In recent years an offer of accommodation and gastronomy has been developed, in order to respond with professionalism and quality to the great demand of pilgrims who travel. Also ideal for cycling.

The Way of Saint James through the Interior of the Basque Country

A total of 7 stages that offer the surprised walker the contrast of landscapes in a journey of 250 kilometers. Mountains, forests, the mysterious Tunnel of San Adrian, well-tended orchards, extensive plains and drylands. But also beautiful villages full of history reflected in an historical artistic heritage which the pilgrims meet on their journey.

This route has been and continues to be one of the most important communication hubs in the north of the peninsula. Its stages are:


Stage 1 Irun / Hernani 26,2Km
Stage 2a Hernani / Tolosa 19,3Km
Stage 2b Hernani / Bidania 28,8Km
Stage 3a Tolosa / Zerain 31,2Km
Stage 3b Bidania / Zerain 25,4Km
Stage 4 Zerain / Agurain 25,9Km
Stage 5 Agurain / Vitoria-Gasteiz 27,4Km
Stage 6 Vitoria-Gasteiz / La Puebla de Arganzón 22,0Km
Stage 7a La Puebla de Arganzón / Briñas 27,0Km
Stage 7b La Puebla de Arganzón/ Miranda de Ebro 16,5Km

Way of Saint James by the Basque Coast

The so-called ‘Way of the Coast’ of 214 km runs from the mouth of the Bidasoa to the border of Bizkaia. It is known as one of the primitive routes of pilgrimage to Compostela and is characterized by an abrupt landscape and some unevenness in some stretches of its route mainly in Gipuzkoa, but the landscape that is observed compensates.

Ramal de Santiago and Camino Real in Irun

This branch of Saint James’ Way extends from the International Bridge of Santiago to the Plaza San Juan Harria. In addition to Irun, the Royal Route runs from Behobia to the district of Elizalde in Oiartzun. Behobia, along with Roncesvalles, were the most traveled steps of the Western Pyrenean border for the transport of heavy material such as chariots and artillery. It wasalso a meeting point for the French and Spanish royalroads.

Way of St. James in Zarautz

Do not miss out very close to Zarautz, in Orio, the Interpretation Center of the Camino de Santiago, which offers detailed information about The Way of St Jameson both the coast and the interior.

Conceived in 8 stages, its route becomes an experience.

Stage 1 Hondarribia /Donostia – San Sebastian 23,8Km

Stage 2 Donostia -San Sebastián /Zarautz 22,8Km

Stage 3 Zarautz / Deba 21,3Km

Stage 4 Deba / Markina-Xemein 21,8Km

Stage 5 Markina-Xemein / Gernika 24,8Km

Stage 6 GernikaLumo / Bilbao 29,7Km

Stage 7a Bilbao / Portugalete 19,6Km

Stage 7b Bilbao / Balmaseda 33,6Km

Stage 8 Portugalete / Kobaron 16,8Km