Geopark of the Basque Coast

Tucked between the Cantabrian Sea and the Basque mountains, the Basque Coast Geopark is a small territory made up of the municipalities of Mutriku, Deba and Zumaia.

At first sight, the Geopark stands out for the harmony of the different shades of green of the pastures and forests that follow from the coastline to the inland. But the real interest of this place is in its entrails. Geology is the true protagonist of a landscape that keeps the history of some of the most impressive episodes in the recent history of the earth.

The 13 kilometers of cliffs of the Geopark guard a spectacular formation of layers of rock called Flysch which, by way of a great encyclopedia, show us more than 60 million years of the history of the Earth. Geologists and visitors can walk along these cliffs or take a boat trip and travel back in time to discover, for example, the thin black layer that shows the impact of a large asteroid and the great extinction of the dinosaurs approximately 65 Ma.