Euskal Jaia – Basque party in Zarautz 2023

Popular folklore explodes with the Euskal Jaia on September 09 in Zarautz.

Created in 1924, with the aim of prolonging the stay of tourists in the town, they have achieved great popular roots, and bring together an important part of Basque festive traditions.

On September 09, the feast of the Virgin of Arantzazu, the Euskal Jaia (Basque Festival) is celebrated, a splendid display of local folklore that fills the streets of Zarautz with dantzaris (bask dancers) accompanied by txistu (basque musical instrument) and other native musical instruments. But throughout an entire week (from the 01st to the 09th) the atmosphere in the town begins with dance and trikitilaris (basque musical instrument) championships, popular theater, the Lizardi award for young bertsolaris (type of basque popular songs) and the Euskal Jaia Infantil for the little ones.

Come enjoy the beginning of September in Zarautz and the Euskal Jaia!