Bilbao, Smart Tourist Destination

Valid until December 2025, the badge certifies that Bilbao has begun the implementation of the SEGITTUR DTI model, promoted in the Basque Country by Basquetour.

Bilbao has been part of the Smart Tourist Destinations Network since 2019 and, since 2023, it is one of the few fully accredited DTI destinations for obtaining a degree of compliance with the methodology requirements equal to or greater than 80%, together with Donostia-San Sebastián, Benidorm, Gijón, Málaga, Tenerife and Santander. The rest of the destinations are adhered DTI.

The strengths that have helped Bilbao achieve the distinction are having a Smart Strategic Plan that organizes the different technological projects that are incorporated into the territory, promoting the innovation ecosystem in the city, participating in innovation projects that allow exchange of good practices with other territories, having notable technological and connectivity infrastructure, the existence in the municipality of Cloud Computing and Edge Computing solutions, the planning and management of tourism sustainability carried out by the city in accordance with the SDGs and the promotion of the participation of users in improving accessibility at the destination.