Easter 2024 in Basque Country

We propose a tour of the three Basque capitals, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao and San Sebastián, and the coastal areas of Zarautz, Hondarribia and Irun with the planned program for Easter. This Easter, escape to Basque Country. Prepare a travel plan to know your cities and the most important coastal locations. In less than an hour and a half by car you can move to each of it and enjoy everything it offers, each with its uniqueness.


In Vitoria-Gasteiz, venture into its Historic Quarter through the multiple guided tours scheduled to the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Wall, literary route, the rest of the cultural offer with museums and exhibitions, activities in nature, the offer of enogastronomy … A city certified as a Sustainable Tourism Destination and awarded as European Green Capital, where you can enjoy its quality of life. During the days of Easter the different processions will take place.

The next destination would be Bilbao, which has organized Basque Fest for Easter. A festival that brings together cultural, music, sports, gourmet cuisine and a market area throughout the city. Activities where tradition, innovation, art and avant-garde come together and add to the continuous offer of a capital in constant boiling.

Bordering the Basque coast, Zarautz presents itself with its incredible beach. During Easter, the tent of Munoa hosts the eighteenth edition of the Beer Fair with concerts every night, children’s monitors during the noon, mus …

And with the Bay of Biscay in the background, discover La Concha Bay in San Sebastián. Required photo in its popular railing with that natural scenery. Another essential thing to do is eat a ‘pintxo’ in one of its many bars, enjoy the parks and nature, take a seven-kilometer walk from the Zurriola beach to the Peine del Viento, get to know the neighborhoods of the city , go shopping or participate in guided tours and get to know the most important points of San Sebastián.

To complete the getaway in Hondarribia and Irun, just a step away from France. Hondarribia hosts on Good Friday its popular Procession of Silence, one of the few towns in Gipuzkoa that maintain it. The Via Crucis takes place in the first hour from Errandonea to Guadalupe through the old cobblestone streets of the Historic Quarter. A tradition that has more than 400 years of history. After the descent in the afternoon of the Crucified Christ, the Procession of Silence begins and in which the local population participates in absolute silence. They are accompanied by Roman soldiers, twelve apostles and people with lighted candles. The Municipal Band with Chopin’s funeral march closes the procession. On Easter Sunday, the Procession of the Meeting or ‘Ttopara’ begins in the morning, culminating thirty minutes later with the Major Mass in the parish.