Summer program in Zarautz packed with endless activities

Zarautz's varied summer program has been prepared trying to satisfy both Zarautz residents and visitors and comes full of cultural, sports, leisure time plans, activities for children, neighborhood parties... Not to mention powerful concerts, especially in Aste Nagusia.

In summary, these are the most outstanding activities in the summer months:



  • Weightlifting exhibition (July 1)
  • International Street Theatre Festival (July 6-8)
  • Fiestas of Vista Alegre (July 7-9)
  • “Txaparrotan”, beach handball festival (for children) (July 8-9)
  • Open air painting competition (July 9)
  • Women’s Basque Pelota Championship (July 11-20)
  • Week of “bertso” (Basque improvised poetry singing) (July 13-15)
  • 51st Swim from Getaria to Zarautz (July 22)
  • Galician Day (July 23)
  • “Remonte” festival (Basque sport) (July 28-30)
  • Children’s fishing championship (July 30)



  • “Pelota” games (Basque sport) (August 1-3)
  • Navarre product market (August 2)
  • Merry-go-rounds (August 4-31)
  • Festivities of Azken Portu (August 10-12)
  • Crafts Fair (August 12-15)
  • Festivities of the Virgin (August 14-16)
  • “Bertsolaris” (Basque improvised poetry singing) (August 24-25)
  • Stock Fair (August 24-27)
  • Basketball Championship (August 25-27)


In addition, every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. the Izeta II harrijasotzailes school will offer an exhibition at Lege Zaharren, especially so that tourists can learn what rural sports are.


Two intense months to warm up the engines for the Euskal Astea!

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