The magic of Hondarribia and Irun at home

The two seaside resorts bring you a piece of their charm and magic to your house

Hondarribia and Irun are waiting for you, and thanks to new technologies you are brought to your house a piece of magic that concentrates on this land. Both localities belong to the region of Bidasoa Txingudi, which is named after these two geographical accidents: the Bidasoa River, which originates in the neighboring Montes Navarros, and the bay of Txingudi, where the aforementioned river flows. These characteristics have made this land a natural border between France and Spain for centuries, in a special place, full of history, culture and an extraordinary landscape.

Two locations where when all this happens, which will pass, you can return to enjoy its gastronomy, its skewers, its museums and the attractive atmosphere of its streets. Hondarribia and Irun will be waiting for you.