Museo Romano Oiasso, a very active confinement

The archaeological museum of Irun proposes different activities to put na note culture, didactic and fun to this quarantine

From the Roman Oiasso Museum they have decided that this quarantine will not be helped with their arms crossed, in fact, the center is closed to the public but its leaders are taking the opportunity to prepare new content and surprise us every day.
Publications, contests, activities… everything has a place in their proposals. Encourage yourself to participate in one of them! You have them all in this link
We tell you some of them.

The pottery found by archaeologists in the various sites of Irun has helped us to better imagine what Oiasso was like.
From the museum they share a study made from the remains found in the port.

In addition, the Oiasso Museum wants to share a series of illustrations,
made by Aitziber Alonso, so that you can color the story.
Today it’s time to paint the Neolithic. Who’s next?
You can download the original image here.