Thank you Donostia / San Sebastián

The streets and inhabitants of the Capital of Guipuzcoana take care of the city with care so that, when all this happens, you can enjoy it again.

Thank you Donostia / San Sebastián. Eskerrik asko for taking care of you and taking care of your inhabitants so that, when all this happens, all the people who visit you can continue to enjoy you.

That is the message of this video that comes to us from the capital of Guipuzcoana, in which the moments through which this coastal city passes are reflected, ready to take care of itself now so that it can be welcomed again with its beauty, with its charm and with its appeal to all and all visitors who come to it.
Famous for the majesty, beauty, contrasts, spectacularity, uniqueness and charm that captivates every person who comes close to it, Donostia / San Sebastian knows how to shine with its own light.