Zarautz market regains its pulse

Gradually, and with all the necessary security measures, the market of the Guipuzcoan town recovers its activity

The Zarautz market is as recognizable as it is attractive. It is one of the best exhibitions of the work of the producers in the area, and a walk through the enclosure is a real pleasure for the senses. On these delicate days for everyone, the market begins to recover its pulse with special schedules and measures, but with the same desire to offer the highest quality of Zarautz products inviting everyone who visits it to make a responsible and, above all, healthy purchase.

This stock market, built in 1903 according to Ramón Cortazar’s design, is ‘fitted’ in the historic center, in an old courtyard of apple, and listed as an Element of the Built Heritage of Zarautz. The market was reopened in July 2009, after two years of work. At first the baseritarras marketed the surplus, but now it is cultivated to sell and he can choose the freshest and seasonal products.