Soon… at Vitoria-Gasteiz

The Basque capital is waiting for you, and reminds you of everything you will enjoy again in Vitoria-Gasteiz: hugs, walks, nature, gastronomy....

vitoria video2

Famous for its gastronomy, its natural environment, its festivals, its cultural events and passion for sport, Vitoria-Gasteiz reminds you these days that less and less is missing to be able to enjoy the Capital Alavesa with all its attractions and in all its splendor. Because Vitoria-Gasteiz will be waiting for you and soon you will run through its streets, to live its nature, to listen to its music, to dance, to play, to laugh and to live a city ready to give you once again the best of it when all this happens, that will happen.

However, so that all this happens and you can step back on its streets and feel its pulse, the Capital of Alavesa reminds you that at the moment… #QuédateEnCasa