Walks and excursions in Zarautz

imagenes597aIn winter nature shows us its brand new face. Zarautz and the surrounding area is a good area to discover. Mountains humanized with hamlets, hermitages, farmland and forests are just a few minutes from the center of the coastal town.

Imagine the break. Walk through the countryside and have lunch in bars with pintxos or in some of the restaurants in Zarautz to finish the evening at the seaside in winter from the boardwalk with outdoor sculptures.

Here are several tour suggestions:


Point: Bº de Salbide
Height: 200m
Distance: 7,6 km



Point: Bº de Azken Portu de Zarautz
Height: 500 m
Distance: 16,2 km


Santa Barbara – Getaria

Point: Parroquia de Zarautz
Height: 150m
Distance: 7,8 km



Point: Bº de Iñurritza.
Height: 50m
Distance: 6 km



Point: Bº de Azken Portu
Height: 150m
Distance: 8,3 km


Return to Zarautz

Point: Parroquia de Zarautz
Height: 500m
Distance: 23,7 km





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