Routes around Bilbao

The Bilbao Tourist Office offers two guided walking tours around different parts of the city

The Tourist Office, along with professional guides, will be offering guided walking tours of the Old Town and the Ensanche during the Easter Week. The tours normally take place on Saturdays and Sundays, but due to the dates the availability of these tours has been extended.

The route through the Old Town, at 10:00h, consists of an itinerary to discover medieval Bilbao. The visit takes in the city walls, the Cathedral of Santiago, Plaza Nueva, the Ribera market…, in a tour that will show you its more than 500 years of history and the vitality it still has.

On the other hand, the Ensanche route, at 12:00h, shows the urban development of Bilbao with its architecture from the 19th century until now. The route will pass through the Ensanche and Abandoibarra, where the city will be like an open-air museum of architecture and sculpture, where you can see the most avant-garde and modern Bilbao.

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