Zarautz, ready for your arrival

Its beach capacity control system and all measures are already underway for you to enjoy Zarautz safely.

Enjoy Zarautz to the fullest this summer but maintaining the safe distance, avoiding crowds and with total safety. These are the objectives of the measures that have been taken from the Zarautz City Council by 2020.

In this way, a control system of beach capacity is established in such a way that access to the beach is already limited to seven access points, since the perimeter is fenced. As this year there will be no awnings on the beach, the people who have so far developed the work of awnings become responsible for controlling access to the sand. The beach is divided into seven sections of about 250 meters each that at low tide will be able to accommodate a maximum of 1,000 people each in the low sea. In pleamar, different capacitys shall be fixed taking into account the area and the type of tide (live or dead).
The capacity has been decided in conjunction with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and Azti and is to ensure that each user can maintain the minimum distance. Likewise, in the same way as it will be done on all the beaches of Gipuzkoa, it will be recommended from public address that limits the stay on the beach to a maximum of two hours.

There will be no problem sunbathing on the beach and mobility between areas will also be allowed. Initially the capacity control time will be from 10:00 to 18:00 hours. For visitors to Zarautz to have information, Zarautz entrances will also be informed of the beach capacity: three panels will be placed, one at the exit of the highway and two in both directions of the N634.

An APP that is already available and called Nik hondartzak has also been enabled to consult in real time the capacity of all the beaches of Gipuzkoa.
All the information.