International Connected Museums Day in the Basque Country

'Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion' is the theme for the 2020 edition of a DIM to which vacos museums add by organizing digital and online activities.

The aim of International Museum Day (DIM) has been, for more than 40 years, to raise awareness of the importance of museums as a means for cultural exchange, the enrichment of cultures, as well as for the development of mutual understanding, collaboration and peace among peoples. Despite the current widespread pandemic situation, the #DIM2020 is celebrated through the organization of digital and online activities.

With the theme “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”, the #DIM2020 aims to promote tools to identify and overcome prejudices in what museums display and in the stories they tell.

From Artium we are invited to share the celebration with an online look at the Collection, documentary heritage and exhibitions, with educational workshops, and in the hope that soon, very soon, on June 2, we will be able to meet with the exhibitions of Gema Intxausti, Juan Luis Moraza, Elena Mendizabal and the Collection, Zeru bat, hamaikae…


The tool proposed by Oiasso is the workshop “Inclusive hands in the port of Oiasso”, in which they encourage families to create footprints in the shape of hands and fish, two figures that symbolize the work of archaeologists, solidarity, the sea, the port of Oiasso and cultural exchange. The public will be able to send the result of this simple craft workshop to the email address and Oiasso will create with their help a virtual exhibition on their website.

For its part, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, together with 34 museums of the Territory, celebrates the International Day of Museums with a virtual exhibition made up of an object or piece ceded by each museum. The exhibition can be visited here until May 29. In addition, the International Day of Museums will also be celebrated with the opening of an exhibition covering all museums in Bizkaia, an exhibition coordinated by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and showing a piece of each museum. Through the platform the visitor accesses virtual tours, videos and photographs of the pieces. From each of them is a basic information regarding its name and a brief explanatory text.