Do you know the ‘The Origins of Vitoria-Gasteiz’?

An audiovisual of the Santa Maria Cathedral Foundation recreates life in the primitive village of Gasteiz between the ninth and twelfth centuries from the information obtained in the excavations of the temple.

The Santa Maria Cathedral Foundation is the institution behind ‘The Origins of Vitoria-Gasteiz’, an audiovisual that reconstructs in 3D the origins of Vitoria, specifically between the 9th and 12th centuries. This work has been carried out jointly by the UPV-EHU, the University of Burgos and the Santa Maria Cathedral Foundation with funding from the Provincial Council of Alava.

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Excavations carried out over the years in the temple continue to bear fruit. After unraveling the origins of the city, the vast amount of information and data obtained in the subsoil of the Cathedral has now served as a starting point to develop a project that uses the new digital reconstruction technologies in three dimensions applied to heritage and its dissemination.