Aitor Francesena ‘Gallo’, adapted world surfing champion

The Zarauztarra surfer, as he did in 2016, took the top spot in category VI 1 (For Surf Vision Impairment 1).

It was in 2016 that Aitor Francesena, better known at sea as Gallo, was proclaimed champion of the adapted surfing world. And from that moment he set a goal for which he has been working for four years: to be again.

In 2017 he won the bronze medal and in 2018 he won fourth place. That’s why, last year, the Zarauztarra surfer decided to prepare himself thoroughly to return to number one at the next World Cup, the 2020 World Cup. And he got it last weekend in San Diego, California.

A more than deserved first position for this surfer who has trained the biggest names of national surfing, who has been able to lead one of them to be among the best in the world, who has written books of initiation and motivation for surfing , which gradually lost sight until he became blind but this did not prevent him from surfing and most importantly, he still has much to say.