Vitoria-Gasteiz to Become Smart Tourist Destination

The Basque capital will initiate the formalities to assess the degree of compliance with the necessary requirements

Segittur (State Commercial Society for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies) will begin work with Vitoria-Gasteiz to turn the capital of the Basque Country into a Smart Tourist Destination (DTI).

After the evaluation of the degree of compliance of Vitoria-Gasteiz on each DTI axis, a diagnosis and action plan can be developed for conversion into Smart Tourist Destination. The project is part of the agreement between Segittur and the Basque Tourism Agency (Basquetour), whereby in 2018 Donostia-San Sebastián became DTI.

The work is structured based on the Intelligent Tourist Destination methodology of the Ministry of Tourism, which evaluates more than 400 requirements related to the five DTI axes: innovation, technology, governance, sustainability and accessibility.