Opened the new bus station of Bilbao

The facilities are aimed at making it easier for travelers to get around the city with Bizkaibus and Bilbobus, near Renfe, Metro, Tram, taxi ranks and the municipal bike service.

The new bus station in Bilbao is already a reality. It is underground, safe and modern and intermodal, since it converges public transport by road, Bizkaibus and Bilbobus, near Renfe and Metro and Tram, in addition to the taxi stops and the municipal bike service, facilitating the traveler’s travels around the city. The station has four floors below ground, 30 docks and more than 500 parking spaces.

It is estimated that more than 7 million people a year will pass through this infrastructure, above the airport users, since from it will operate 25 state and international transport companies that will serve more than 19,000 people a day, as they will operate Bizkaibus will also operate from the intermodal.

As is underground, a new square of 7,500 square meters will be located above the station, although for this new space to be fully operational, it will still have several months since the works of the Hotel and the student residence continue.