Zarautz tells its story in the form of a theatre

Next November 2nd will be the last date of this 2019 to enjoy 'Zarautz eta Zarauz; a theatrical journey through time'

Next November 2nd Zarautz will tell its story… but differently. The Municipality of Zarautz and Zarauzko Turismo Bulegoa, in collaboration with the theatrical author Zarauztarra Patxi Santamaría, are responsible for the Guipuzcoa town to remeddle its origins as a traveling play. The sessions will be offered by Santamaría itself, with the participation of Inazio Tolosa, in two languages. In Euskara will be titled ‘Zarautz eta Zarautz; Zarauzko history antzeztua’ and in Spanish, ‘Zarautz eta Zarauz; a theatrical journey through time.’

The guided theatrical tour will be held on Sunday, November 2. The session in Basque will be at 11.00 hours and in Spanish at 13.00 hours. The start of the sessions will be in the Parque de la Rosaleda and it will be necessary to buy a ticket, since the places will be limited. Tickets are on sale at the Tourist Office for 4 euros.