Festivities of San Prudencio and Our Lady of Estíbaliz

San Prudencio is the patron of the Historical Territory of Álava and the festivities in his honor begin on April 27th, the eve of the festivity, with the interpretation of the Tamborradas in the Plaza de la Provincia in Vitoria. The festivities also host the days before and after the celebration of San Prudencio.

The festivities begin on April 27th in the Plaza de la Diputación, with the “retreat” (called to the party with trumpets) in honor of San Prudencio. From the balconies of the Palace of the Diputación Foral de Álava sound the trumpets with the popular melody of the proclamation. It follows the traditional Tamborrada of San Prudencio, in which the different gastronomic societies play their drums dressed as cooks with ample aprons and hats walking the streets to the son of the txistu and the drum. The parade begins at 11:30 at night and runs through the streets of the medieval town and downtown, with a duration of about three hours.

On Sunday 28 April 2019 is the big day, festivity of San Prudencio, different tamborradas will play the drums around the city. The Festival culminates in the camps of Armentia with the Pilgrimage of San Prudencio. There is the Basilica of San Prudencio, which is an important step in the Camino de Santiago. Thousands of Vitorians gather after the religious offices to taste we eat the typical snails and perretxikos. During the day there are also typical sporting events such as the Basque pelota, bowling and Harri-Jasotzea (stone lifting).

The festivities will be extended until the 1st of May, day when the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Estíbaliz is ascended. There, the potato tortilla contest, the Basque rural sport and the Aurresku and loose dance Championships are other attractions of the day.