The fifth edition of the Hondarribia Heritage Forum starts tomorrow

The invited city is Dakar and will offer talks, fusion dinners, guided tours, show cookings ...

Cartel Foro patrimonios Hondarribia

From tomorrow, May 4 until Saturday 6, the city of Hondarribia will live between two cultures, Basque and Senegalese.
And is that Hondarribia hosts the V. Forum Hondarribia of the Patrimony, organized by the Arma Plaza Foundation.

The objective of this forum is “to carry out a reflection on the role of the walls in the history and the life of this city”.
Over the next three days there will be multiple playful and integrative activities on the following premises:
– The need for a plural look. What are the walls made of?
– The walls as a collective construction. What are the walls for?
– The CREACITY tourism project. The possibility of the inhabitants and visitors to enjoy them.

This Thursday 4th, the forum will take place in the Parador Carlos V of Hondarribia with various talks that will end with a nocturnal visit to the walls.

On Friday 5 May at 9.30 pm in Uralde Berri Jatetxea a ‘Dakar-Hondarribia’ dinner will be offered based on classic Senegalese recipes with touches of Basque cuisine.

On Saturday, May 6, at San Pedro Street, a popular Senegalese food and open-air show cooking will be held at Dakar’s chefs: Suzanne Badiane and Mapate Ndiaye. All proceeds will be donated to the NGO of the city ‘Hondarribia-Katsikas-Boldetario Taldea’.

On the same day, at 9:30 p.m., Arraunlari Berri Jatetxea will serve a Dakar-Hondarribi fusion dinner.

Check the complete program.V HONDARRIBIA ONDAREEN FOROA