XVI International Festival of Archaeological Cinema of Bidasoa until November 26

cartel-ficab-2016Until November 26 you can enjoy the XVI International Festival of Archaeological Cinema of Bidasoa FICAB in C.C. Amaia, CBA Library and Aquarium.
The archaeological documentary film comes to cover the need to maintain the rigor of the information, offering the resource of attractive supports and speeches supported in real images that transport us without difficulty to the scenes of the past.
What do we know about life in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, after the fall of the Taliban? And the impact of tourism in Cambodia? Or the identity of the current inhabitants of Panama?
It turns out that archaeological research is not a bubble isolated from its socio-economic or political environment. And less of the human factor that promotes them. It happens that the directors of a good number of films of this edition have chosen to present us that added reality. That way we will have the opportunity to enter the houses of Kabul, to know how the families of young people live within them and what future expectations they have. We will share with the Cambodian authorities their concern about the effects of the arrival of millions of tourists to visit the temples of the Khmer Empire. We will also learn about the impact of North American culture in Panama, the folklore and traditions of the workers of the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, the landscape of Guatemala and many more things of rabiosa actuality.
Take the opportunity to discover the bay of Txingudi with Hondarribia and Irun, its nature, its gastronomy with its pintxos (tapas) and the good atmosphere that is breathed.

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