The Behobia-San Sebastián 2016 will be held on November 13, up yourself!

behobia-2016-cartelThe Behobia-San Sebastián is here. If you are a professional of running as if you’re an initiate, this is your career. In this edition 52 you expect multiple modalities to be able to participate. The traditional race of 20 kilometers; the Txiki Behobia, for the little ones; the Gaztea Behobia, for people between 14 and 18 years; Behobia Skaters and Behobia for people with disabilities.

behobia-sansebastianAnd because as the Behobia-San Sebastián say “is more than a race, is primarily a feeling,” the city of San Sebastian shown spectacular. The goal at the San Sebastian Boulevard as demonstrated year after year with a very public delivered.

You can accompany who dispute the race and spend a weekend as appetizing. Lively Up Yourself!

More information:

Behobia-San Sebastián

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