Meet our maritime heritage this Sunday in Zarautz

charlas-itinerantes-2016What better way to know our maritime heritage than a guided tour of the places where it is concentrated. This Sunday 27 November in Zarautz Moila at 11.00 p.m., Jexux Mari Garmendia and Xabier Alberdi of Zarauzko Batelari Elkartea will offer the talk “Zarauzko itsas ondare biziaren azken hondarrak: Zarauzko Batelari Elkartearen eta Zarauzko Arraun Elkartearen egitasmoak”.

The talks are framed within the actions being developed by the Commonwealth and the municipalities of Aia, Getaria, Orio, Zarautz and Zumaia to promote the maritime heritage of our environment. This is the third consecutive year.
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