The festivities of Zarautz, San Pelaio 2016, uproot this weekend

San Pelaio 2016

Zarautz this weekend celebrates its patron saint, San Pelaio Jaiak. Start tomorrow with barbecues, big heads, drawing contests, fair of local products, txakoli tastings, dance groups, concerts …


You can check the schedule San Pelaio 2016 here.

The main feast days are:



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Saturday, June 25

Tamborrada child’s Eve is celebrated in the evening, and other adults at night. Then they sing the “Pelaio, Pelaio” when the party is already bursting.


Sunday, June 26

The day of San Pelayo, giants and blouses crews enliven the streets of the town and a traditional procession is held in the meadow Iñurritza with large crowds of people.


Monday, June 27

Marriageable young men are the protagonists. Run through the hamlets of the environment and txistularis accompanied by accordions, raising funds for traditional food the next day.


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