Vitoria and Alava vibrate to the rhythm of San Prudencio

cartel san prudencio 1Come to Vitoria this weekend and you will be able to enjoy the festivities in honor of San Prudencio, patron saint of Alava, whose main acts will be held on Monday April 27, with the traditional “Retreta” and later “Tamborrada” (drum parades) in Plaza de la Provincia. On April 28 don´t miss the opportunity to liven up yourself enjoying for a walk of great beauty in the romeria to Armentia. Back in the city center, the smallest will be responsible for closing the festival program with children’s “tamborrada” to be held at 6 pm.
In addition we suggest you to enjoy the gastronomic delights that offer you the restaurants and bars of the capital, specially the traditional snails and “perretxikos” (small mushrooms) so representative of this festivity.
Programme:San Prudencio programa 2015
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