‘31 de Agosto’ street of San Sebastián, among the best in Europe

barra pintxosThe prestigious newspaper The New York Times has selected ’31 de Agosto’ street, located in the old town of San Sebastian, one of the best in Europe.

A street replete with places where you can enjoy a lively atmosphere and taste a wide offer of pintxos in the heart of a city with a view to the sea with his spectacular Bay of ‘La Concha”. And it has been this culinary reason which has captivated the famed New York newspaper reporter to select it. But it is also a street steeped in history, as it is the only one that survived after the fire that devasted the city on August 31, 1813.

The Basque city shares award with other European cities as Madrid, Paris, London, Berne, Milan, Lisbon, Oslo, Vienna and Prague.

Do you like to discover it for yourself? Come to San Sebastián, walk down ’31 de Agosto’ street and enjoy.

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