XI International Guitar Festival in Hondarribia

The eleventh edition of the International Guitar Festival will celebrate from 19 to 21 April 2013 in Hondarribia. Auditorium Itsas Etxea and National Parador will be the scenarios where you can listen to different concerts.

Nothing better than enjoying good music and enjoy before or after a coastal town as Hondarribia, where its famous pintxos and restaurants have a gastronomic renown.


• April 19 (Friday) – 20.00 h
Auditorium Itsas Etxea (Matxin de Artzu Kalea 2)
Javier García Moreno – “Las obras maestras de la guitarra”
Ticket: 3 €

• April 20 (Saturday) – 12.00 h
Auditorium Itsas Etxea (Matxin de Artzu Kalea 2)
Carlos Cámara (violin) y Pablo Menéndez (guitar) – “Espacio Joven. Musikene”
Ticket: 2 €

• April 20 (Saturday) – 20.00 h
Auditorium Itsas Etxea (Matxin de Artzu Kalea 2)
Damiana Mizzi (soprano) y Massimo Felici (guitar) – “Un paseo por la historia”
Ticket: 3 €

• April 21 (Sunday) – 20.00 h
National Parador Emperador Carlos V
Giovanni Grano “Clásica, Clásico”
Ticket: free.

Here you can see the program of the XI Hondarribia International Guitar Festival.

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