Festivities in honor of San Prudencio and Our Lady of Estíbaliz

Culinary competitions, wine tastings, traditional festivals, customs rooted, music with ‘fanfarres’, rural sports… The Province of Araba/Álava, whose capital is Vitoria-Gasteiz, celebrates April 20 to May 1, 2013, the festivities of San Prudencio and Our Lady of Estíbaliz, patrons of territory, with a multitude of activities.

Saturday, April 20, 2013
• Gastronomy of Alava and Rioja Alavesa wine tasters championships.
• ‘Pasacalles’ and concentration of ‘fanfarres’ in the Plaza de la Provincia of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Poster of San Prudencio 2013_El Correo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
• Announcement in the Main Theater.
The Olympic medalists in the Olympic Games in London Maider Unda, Patricia Elorza and Eli Pinedo (get bronze medals in the disciplines of wrestling and handball, respectively) – call to the party with the traditional announcement.

Saturday, April 27, 2013
• ‘Retreta’ (open-air band concert) of San Prudencio.
o 20.00 h Trumpet blasts on the balcony of the Vitoria-Gasteiz Council.

o 21.00 h Trumpeters and drummers of the Provincial Government and the City Council will do the same from the balcony of the Palace Foral. Between touch and touch of ‘retreta’, featuring concerts by Garikoitz Mendizabal and Aitor Furundarena and the actuations of Indarra Dantza Taldea and Folkon.

o At night, it’s the turn of the Tamborrada of the gastronomic societies in the square of the Province and the popular verbena Joselu Anaiak in the Ark Square, in the capital of Alava. In the Tamborrada brings together chefs and gastronomic societies representatives of Álava, who are dressed in aprons and hats wide through the streets to the sound of the drum and txistu. Typically at this time eating scrambled perretxikos and snails.

Sunday, April 28, 2013
• Interpretation of zortziko ‘Araba’ by txistularis band and trumpeters of the council in the square of the Province.
• 12.00 h Tamborrada of the ‘Biznietos de Celedón’.
• 13.00 h Reception in the Provincial Government in which it will award the Medal of Álava to Egibide, ‘Fundación Diocesanas-Jesús Obrero Fundazioa’ and this year will take place at the Palace of the Province.
• 18.00 h Child Tamborrada.

Campas de Armentia (3 km from Vitoria-Gasteiz)
• Mass and aurresku of honor at the Basilica of Armentia.
• In the fields, pilgrimage, performance of dancers, herri kirolak exhibition and concert by the group Haitzama.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
• Celebration of the festivity of Our Lady of Estíbaliz.
In the surroundings of the shrine of Estíbaliz (10 km from Vitoria-Gasteiz) will be outdoor painting contest, the culinary potato from Alava contest, aurresku championship, an exhibition of herri kirolak, ‘pelota’ competition and various popular activities.

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