Hondarribia Blues Festival 2012 last detail

The Department of Tourism of the Basque Government has designed this year a tourist package that combines assistance to this musical event with other attractions for visitors.

JW Jones, one of Canada’s most important bluesman who will next be seen in Hondarribia, has teamed up with new technologies and wants, with his last album, to attract more young people to ensure the evolution of music based on the blues. In addition, Sharrie Williams will arrive to Bluesaldia with all his energy in July. She is said to be the best blues example of 21st century. She was borned and raised surrounded by music and has a voice that moves.

In addition, through an agreement with the NGO Save the Children, Hondarribia Blues Festival will raise funds for children in West Africa. One way to help is to acquire the “pin of solidarity” that the festival will sell, especially for the occasion.

The competition to select the best band of Euskadi and Navarre to attend the upcoming International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis, has already begun. The race started on 18 April and end on July 8 in Hondarribia.

As in previous editions, La 2 of TVE has reached an agreement with the festival and all concerts will be issued by the chain-recorded, a week after its conclusion.

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