Saint Agatha in Vitoria-Gasteiz

This year Vitoria-Gasteiz has experienced the longest celebration of Saint Agatha. Tradition dictates that the groups leave on the afternoon of the 4th, the eve of Saint Agatha, but the fact that this year it fell on a Sunday has extended the rounds for four days.

The Plaza de los Fueros, once again, has become one of the nerve centers during the afternoon of Monday the 5th. Hundreds of childrens with their wooden canes at the ready and dressed as landlords have sung the lyrics of the Agate Deuna song in honor to the saint.

In the past, they were young people of military service age, the fifth ones, those who grouped together and went to kalejira (passacaglia music) in exchange for the neighbors offering them a good snack. Currently, choral rounds are carried out by school groups, vocal groups and parish groups, among others.