The Tamborrada returns to San Sebastian

The capital of Gipuzkoa will celebrate the day of its patron saint, Saint Sebastián, on January 20.

Everything is now ready for the drums and barrels to sound again, which this year will number close to 200. For weeks, the companies of adults and children have been rehearsing the melodies of Raimundo Sarriegui. In 2024, two new companies will join the 157 that filled the streets and squares of San Sebastian with joy last year.

The party will begin at 00:00 in the Plaza de la Constitución with the raising of the city flag. It is then that the representatives of the Gaztelubide Society and other groups will begin to perform the songs that will be played for 24 hours in San Sebastian. This long-awaited moment will mark the beginning of a day full of music and tradition. A festivity that the people of San Sebastian live with authentic emotion.