Cinema and archeology in Irun

FICAB. XXIII Bidasoa International Archaeological Film Festival

Cartel FICAB 2023A new edition of the Bidasoa International Archaeological Film Festival arrives in Irún. And there are now 23. The Festival has been held since 2001, becoming competitive in 2004. From the 13th until Saturday, November 18, the Oiasso Roman Museum in Irun and the Amaia KZ host different audiovisual works that They collect the results of archaeologists’ research, ensuring the promotion of these works and with the aim of making Archeology known and closer to society.

This year’s winning screenings were: the Festival Grand Prize awarded to “Téviec”, directed by Hubert Béasse; the Special Audience Award for “Historias de una necropolis”, directed by Javier Trueba; the Educational Selection Prize awarded to “Erromatar arrastoak oinen azpian”, directed by Nagore Rementería and Iñaki Leturia and the Arkeolan Prize for scientific dissemination for “Le vrai visage des vikings”, directed by Alexis de Favitsky and Pierre Stine.