Hondarribia Festivities 2023

You still have time to experience the Hondarribia festivities close up. Dress in white and red and feel the great atmosphere with the local population.

The main festive events in this beautiful coastal municipality take place from September 6 to 11, coinciding with the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe, September 8, patron saint of the city. The festivities start with the traditional Txupinazo and will offer top-level cultural activities and concerts.


Hondarribia´s Alarde

The main event of the City is the Alarde on September 8, in which the traditional parade led by the Hacheros is celebrated. The origin of this colorful procession comes from a vow made to the Virgin of Guadalupe, its patron saint, for her intercession during the resistance, and subsequent victory over the French army in the siege that the town suffered in 1638.


Baserritarra Day

El último día de estas fiestas se celebra una Feria concurso de ganado, verduras, flores y hortalizas. Podrás disfrutar a lo largo del día de actuaciones de bertsolaris, arrastre de bueyes, romería con bailes, deporte rural, trikitilaris y partidos de pelota.

On the last day of these festivities, a cattle, vegetable, flower and vegetable contest fair is held. Throughout the day you can enjoy performances by bertsolaris, oxen dragging, pilgrimage with dances, rural sports, trikitilaris (bask musical instrument) and pelota games (bask sport).


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