Are you coming to the Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao?

The works of Aurelio de Beruete and Darío de Regoyos await you on a virtual tour offered by the Basque museum

The Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao remains closed following the instructions of the authorities, but the activity does not stop within this Basque institution. “During the closing period we continued our work of artistic dissemination through the web and the social profiles of the museum,” the Museum said, and if they are doing so. Since the last 11 march it hosts a large exhibition on the Spanish landscape of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century that focuses on the collections developed between the 1940s and 1970s by the engineers of Caminos, Canales and Puertos José Entrecanales Ibarra (Bilbao, 1899-Madrid, 1990) and Santiago Corral Pérez (Santander, 1907-Madrid, 1989).
As due to the exceptional situation until in a while we will not be able to visit it, the Museum has managed to allow the technology to allow us to enjoy in our homes of it….and a number of very interesting related contents.

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Dedicated both to the transformation of the infrastructures of a backward country, they were notablely interested in the pictorial renewal that had taken place in Spain half a century earlier through the modern genre par excellence, the landscape.