Zarautz lives immersed in Euskal Jaiak- Basque Festival

On 9 September, the feast of Our Lady of Arantzazu, the Euskal Jaia (Basque Festival) is celebrated

Tradition in its purest form. Zarautz lives these days and until next Friday 9 September “Euskal Astea 2019 Basque Week”.

Created in 1924, with the aim of prolonging the stay of tourists in the town, they have achieved great popular roots, and gather much of the Basque festive traditions. Its complete program includes dinners with performances by bertsolari, concerts by local groups, race in favor of the Basque country, contest of dances by couples, popular food, parades, giants, headheads with trikitilaris, pilgrimage, children’s verbena and inflatables. Also happening in these days are the representation of personnel of the time by the streets (txistularis, trikitilaris, dulzaineros and the tuntturros of Ituren), the ball match, rural sport, theater, car contest…

To enjoy the Euskal Astea 2019, check out the programming.