The festivities start at the capitals of Euskadi

Wanting to have fun, to enjoy the traditions, food and wine and good atmosphere in the streets. The festivities take over the three Basque capitals and start at Vitoria-Gasteiz, takes the witness San Sebastián and finally, Bilbao.




From 4 to August 10











Nº-4-Bulle-la-Fiesta-nº-402A crowded Virgen Blanca Square waiting for the clock to 18:00 hours (loud bang) to Celedón descends from the tower and starts the festivity. A given citizenship that makes the coming days, the best of the year. Theater, fireworks, children’s activities, floral offering, the procession of lanterns, the “paseíllos” of Blusas and Neskas, the descent of Celedón and Neska Txiki (for children)… there is everything for everyone. Live parties in Vitoria-Gasteiz and feel free to dress up with traditional Basque outfit and feel one more.









San Sebastián


From 13 to 20 August.






 aste nagusia2016

Fireworks over the Bay of La Concha is the picture of the Semana Grande (Great Week) of San Sebastián with the International Fireworks Competition every night with specialists from around the world celebrated. At these parties also they joined the big concerts, attractions and a host of scheduled activities.









 Aste Nagusia Bilbao



From 20 to 28 August









 cartel Marijaia 2016

Theater shows, big concerts, some of the best fireworks in the world, cooking contests, games for the little ones, the circus, the fair, bullfights, ball games and all kinds of activities occur since Marijaia would start at parties Bilbao.

Get closer to the margins of the river, and visit the “txosnas” (stands with music, food and drink) to live the most authentic atmosphere formed by different groups in the city.



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