Zarautz within “Kosta Gastronomika”

Kosta gastronomika logoa

Zarautz offers a great plan under “Kosta Gastronomika” to live gastronomic experiences.

banner61aThe visit to the market of Zarautz is included within the initiative. This market is a colorful exhibition of claim and essential work of baserritarras. Its production is the genuine exponent of so-called seasonal product, who lives there with fish of the day, meats and cheeses outstanding.

Also in Zarautz you can enjoy the grill. One way of cooking meat, seafood and fish where the product brings out the best.

‘Kosta Gastronomika’ complete with the unique experience to try the bream style Orio, Aia cheeses taste, taste Txakoli of Getaria and discover the ancient fishing techniques and culinary tradition associated with the octopus from flysch.

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