Tamborrada, January 20. San Sebastian Day

Tamborrada_DonostiaThe Tamborrada held on 20 January in Donostia-San Sebastián. One day, his patron saint, where the drums roll across the city and people live the party on the streets creating a good atmosphere. The Constitution Square in the Old Town is the hub at 00.00, the flag of Donostia-San Sebastián and Gaztelubide Society and representatives of other tamborradas interpret melodies Sarriegui is raised.

The music is assured since. A party who lives on the street with more than 125 companies (comprising 20-50 drums and 50-100 barrels accompanied by a brass band, standard bearers and bartenders).

Also, you can taste the famous pintxos in the bars and enjoy the city.

The end of the 20 day mark, at 24.00, the Union Artesana tamborrada that lower the flag. An exciting time for people in the square.


More information in San Sebastian Turismo and Donostia Kultura.

For Vagabrothers, Tamborrada is this.










Also, remember that this year 2016 San Sebastian celebrates European Capital of Culture. You can see the program scheduled to start with the opening on Saturday January 23 and for a very attractive city break pack is offered.




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