Kostalde baleada 2015, from San Sebastián to Zarautz, Saturday September 26

Baleada 2015

The quiet walk Kostalde Baleada this year runs 22 km linking San Sebastián and Zarautz, through the mountains and the sea view.

This Saturday, September 26, 2015, you can visit the villages of the Basque coast and its history and the relationship they have with the whaling and the sea, making cultural and gastronomic stops. The route runs from San Sebastián, it passes Igueldo and Orio and it finishs in Zarautz with a party and gifts.







07: 00-07: 45 – Zarautz, Araba Kalea, 1 – Bus: Zarautz – San Sebastián.

07-30-08: 30 – Port of San Sebastián – Verification of registration, breakfast and departure.

10:30 – km: 9 Igueldo – Snack and drinks.

11:30 – km 13 Kukuarri – Fruit and soft drinks.

12:30 – km 17 Orio, Village Square – Snack and drinks.

13:30 – km: 21 Camping Talai Mendi – Cider and cheese.

14:15 – km 24 Zarautz, Munoa – Marmitako, dessert and party.




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