Urola Kosta Gourmet Trail



Pintxos, dishes, portions or snacks. This offer is based on local products on which the Urola Kosta Gourmet Trail, which belongs Zarautz sits, and with which you can enjoy a fine gastronomic experience.


A collaborative project between food producers and restaurants with Euskadi Gastronomika seal. The initiative responds to the philosophy of “local products consumed locally”, so that it is aligned with the principles of Euskadi Gastronomika seal and serves to highlight the value of tourism in the region.

cartel Ruta Gastronomica Urola Kosta

Participating agents:

  • PRODUCERS: Aroa, Ezkurtxerri, Maisor, Salanort, Satxota and Talai Berri.
  • RESTAURANTS: Itxas-Lur Taberna, Balearri, Politena, Euskalduna taberna and Giroa.


All the information on:

Poster Urola Kosta Gourmet Trail

Brochure Urola Kosta Gourmet Trail

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