Donostia – San Sebastian elaborates a Welcome Plan for European Capital of Culture 2016 Visitors

descargaDonostia- San Sebastian that in 2016 will be European Capital of Culture has prepared a plan to ensure adequate host visitors and ensure the excellence of the tourism experience to those who come to enjoy the extensive program of planned activities.

The Integration Plan is structured around two areas of action: analysis and adaptation in accessibility and mobility tourist destination and the improvement of the competitiveness and customer service in the areas involved in attention to the visitor, from restaurants or hotels to municipal services or public transports.

To advance in the area of the competitiveness diverse formative actions have been designed, on the one hand the creation and implementation of specific manuals of Best Practice for each sector and with guidelines for proper attention and experience of tourist visiting Donostia-San Sebastián over the next year. And on the other hand, a training program, in-person and online, also specific to each group, and courses of Basque, English and French languages for a hundred municipal workers and from other entities that in the development of their work could be needed by the visitors.

Finally, note that this document also includes aspects related to the Citizenship Voluntary Program

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