“Kostalde Baleada” cultural and gastronomic trekking in Zarautz on October 12

Kostalde Baleada

Zarautz will be the end point of the cultural and gastronomic trekking ‘Kostalde Baleada’ who start in Zumaia and traverse Getaria and Orio, on Sunday October 12, 2014. The trekking will discover part of the maritime history and what it means for municipalities.


Zarautz celebrates the end of the march with bertsolaris, traditional dances, music… and every rowing club each population organize activities in each urban center.




• 07:30 (Area 1) Parking of Zarautz.

Opportunities Zumaia Bus (7:30 and 07:45)

• 8:00 to 9:00 (Area 2) Mendaro Zumaia Marinela.

• Registration and breakfast.

• Stop at Getaria: food and drinks.

• Stroll through Zarautz Orio.

• Stop at Orio: food and drinks.

• Stop at Talai Mendi (Gran Camping Zarautz and cider Ameztigain) cider tasting.

• Stop at Zarautz: Final cruise and cultural activities in Lege Zaharren enparantza.

• Latest course, dessert and coffee. Traditional dances, music and songs.



It is necessary to register in advance.


Option 1:

• In stores (25 €)

– Chapucetti and Maspormenos (Zarautz)

– Mandala (Zumaia)

– Maisor (Getaria)

– Lore burdindegia (Orio)

– Inter Sport (Saint Jean de Luz)

– Peytavin (Bayonne)


Option 2:

• Internet: (26 €) www.kostaldebaleada.com


More information:



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