dFeria 2014 will be held from 10 to 13 March in San Sebastián



The theater and dance hoard from today until Thursday (10 to 13 March 2014) stages of San Sebastián.


A total of 26 companies from different origins, including fourteen Basque, offer their shows over the next few days under the concept of ‘Borders’ social, between generations, countries…


dFeria 2014 will feature 18 premieres and include non-traditional spaces such as Frontón Atano III.



Some of the works presented:


Mugakoa of Dantzaz Konpainia.

Casa de muñecas of CulturArts Generalitat Valenciana.

El amor después del amor of Ados Teatroa.

La escuela de los vicios of Morfeo Teatro.

Cuarteto del alba of Laurentzi Producciones.

Geltokia of Aukeran Dantza Konpainia.

Nada tras la puerta of Traspasos Kultur.

Barbantxo of Logela Multimedia.

Zazpi aldiz elur (Mikel Laboa elurretan) of Tanttaka Teatroa.

Petit Pierre, starring Adriana Ozores, of Bambalina Teatre Practicable.

Yo estuve allí… y no lo contaron como yo lo vi of Hortzmuga Teatroa | Frontón Atano III











More information:




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