Bilbao will present at Fitur the most relevant programming in 2014

Bilbao will be present at Fitur 2014 and take the audience their most important cultural events to be held in Bilbao throughout the year.


Here’s a summary, you plan your schedule and enjoy Bilbao.



Forum Bilbao

‘Forum D’Avignon Bilbao: La ciudad como ecosistema cultural’

From 5 to 7 March



BBK live 2014Bilbao BBK Live 2014

From 10 to 12 July



Foro Bilbao Urban Innovation and Leadership Dialogues (Build)

From 11 to 14 June



Fiba 2014Bilbao Sede del Mundial de Baloncesto 2014

From 30 August to 14 September





ZarzuelaAsier EtxehandiaConversaciones con mamáFlamenco

Ballet Biarritz



Performing arts: theater, musical theater, puppetry, dance, humor, music, gala Zarzuela, Abao Txiki, opera, flamenco, concerts …












Exhibitions at the Guggenheim Bilbao, Museo de Bellas Artes of Bilbao, fairs, conferences and seminars.


Aste Nagusia













Events and leisure Easter Bilbao, Aste Nagusia, Market St. Thomas and the Feast of Virgen de Begoña.









ZINEBI. 56 Festival Internacional de Cine Documental y Cortometraje


Teatro Arriaga, Multicines, Museo

Guggenheim Bilbao, Museo de Bellas

Artes y Bilborock.


Bilbao Antzerkia Dantza (BAD). XVI Festival de Teatro y Danza Contemporánea

October – November


XXXIII Festival Internacional de Títeres


Teatro Arriaga, CC Barrainkua, Bilborock


Clásica Cicloturista Bilbao-Bilbao 2014.

March 16

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